Mr. Skair's career spans over 17 years, a testament to his profound expertise in operational excellence. As Chief Operating Officer, his extensive experience and exceptional leadership skills allow him to excel in this pivotal position within DIX Developments.

Since its inception in 2006, Mr. Skair has been an integral part of the DIX Developments family, contributing significantly to the company's growth and success. His responsibilities extend across various dimensions, including the management of a diverse portfolio of rental assets and close collaboration with an extensive network of contractors and realtors.

Throughout his 17-year journey, Mr. Skair has been working along side of founder James Dicks, providing unwavering support to clients, tenants, and customers alike. Today, he capitalizes on this wealth of experience, leveraging his deep-rooted relationships and his knowledge of the real estate industry to drive the realization of DIX Developments' corporate objectives.

Mr. Skair's dedication and commitment make him an integral part of the ongoing pursuit of success and expansion. His extensive experience, coupled with his strategic acumen, remains instrumental in the achievement of DIX Developments' overarching goals and vision.