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Levy County is a county located in the north-central part of Florida, United States. It was named after David Levy, a prominent lawyer and politician who served as the first Jewish member of the United States Senate. The county seat is Bronson, and the largest city is Williston.

Levy County has a diverse geography, with a mix of coastal areas, wetlands, and forests. The county is home to several state parks, including Manatee Springs State Park, which features a natural spring and opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, and canoeing, and Cedar Key Scrub State Reserve, which offers hiking trails and birdwatching opportunities.

The county also has a rich history, with evidence of human habitation dating back thousands of years. The area was once home to several Native American tribes, and was later settled by Spanish explorers and pioneers. Today, the county is known for its rural charm, laid-back way of life, and thriving agriculture industry, with farming and ranching playing a prominent role in the local economy.

In addition to its natural beauty and historic sites, Levy County is home to several annual events and festivals, including the Cedar Key Seafood Festival, the Chiefland Watermelon Festival, and the Williston Peanut Festival. Overall, Levy County offers a mix of outdoor recreation, cultural attractions, and small-town charm that makes it a popular destination for visitors and a great place to call home for residents.

DIX Developments Levy County

DIX Developments Levy County

DIX Developments Levy County


Romeo is a great place quite place to live, offering a variety of attractions and activities for visitors. The World Equestrian Center Ocala is a popular destination for horse enthusiasts, and the area is known for its equestrian industry, with many shops and businesses catering to horse lovers. Levy county is also home to a number of state parks, including the Manatee Springs State Park and the Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge, offering opportunities for outdoor recreation such as hiking, fishing, and wildlife viewing.

Cedar Key, located nearby, is a charming coastal town that attracts visitors with its natural beauty and opportunities for outdoor recreation. The town is situated on the Gulf of Mexico and offers a variety of water-based activities, such as fishing and kayaking, as well as bird watching and hiking opportunities. Visitors can also explore the area's rich history and culture at the Cedar Key Museum State Park or by taking a stroll along the waterfront and enjoying the views.

For those interested in history and culture, the area is home to several museums and historic sites, including the Bronson Old Town Hall Museum. The museum features exhibits and artifacts related to local history and culture, providing visitors with an opportunity to learn about the area's past. The Cedar Key Scrub State Reserve is another popular destination for visitors, offering hiking trails and bird watching opportunities.

DIX Developments Levy County
DIX Developments Levy County Rereation Amber Ridge
DIX Developments Levy County


Shady Hammock Estates in Romeo, Florida is only a short drive from The World Equestrian Center Ocala and is a world-class equestrian facility catering to horse enthusiasts. Located in one of the top horse ownership areas of the country, the center offers state-of-the-art amenities, multiple indoor and outdoor arenas, on-site stabling, and a luxurious clubhouse.

The facility hosts prestigious equestrian events, offers horseback riding, lessons, and training, and is surrounded by a variety of businesses and shops catering to the equestrian community. The World Equestrian Center Ocala is a premier destination for horse lovers and spectators, and is situated in a prime location for horse ownership and related activities in the surrounding areas.

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DIX Developments Shady Hammock

Property Type: 10 Acre Rances

Location: Highway 543, Romeo, Florida

Planning/Permits: Planned Development

Description: Rolling Hills with small lake.

Schools: Levy County

Uplands/Wetlands: 355 acres of uplands

County: Levy

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